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Logo bucket hat

Logo bucket hat

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  LENGTH (inches) WIDTH (inches) SLEEVE LENGTH (inches)
S 28 18 15 ⅝
M 29 20 17
L 30 22 18 ½
XL 31 24 20
2XL 32 26 21 ½
3XL 33 28 22 ¾
4XL 34 30 24 ¼
5XL 35 32 25 ¼
S 71.1 45.7 39.7
M 73.7 50.8 43.2
L 76.2 55.9 47
XL 78.7 61 50.8
2XL 81.3 66 54.6
3XL 83.8 71.1 58
4XL 86.4 76.2 61.5
5XL 89 81.3 64.3
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Introducing our "Build Black Wealth" Logo Bucket Hat - a powerful symbol of ambition and perseverance.

Crafted with soft, high-quality materials, this hat features bold lettering and a striking design that represents the pride and resilience of the black community.

Wearing this hat is a statement - a declaration of your commitment to building a better future and achieving success, not just for yourself, but for your community as well.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a student, or a working professional, this t-shirt serves as a reminder that your dreams are valid, and that with hard work and determination, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.

Join us in celebrating the strength and unity of the black community, and let this t-shirt be a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who wear it.

Make a stylish and eco-friendly choice with the organic bucket hat! This 100% cotton twill hat has the potential to become a favorite in your wardrobe thanks to its breathable material and clean look.
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